Sunday, February 14, 2010

Who needs Cupid when Narcissus can be your Valentine?

This was the best valentine's day EVER because I got these roses...


No, that's not right. I got those LAST valentines day...

What did I do THIS valentine's day?

Oh yeah I remember now!


I went and had a romantic evening at this gazebo over looking Provo with my boyfriend!

CRAP! that was TWO years ago...

For the life of me I can't remember why this was such an awesome valentine's day...

Oh yeah I remember....

Allow me to walk you through my valentine's week proceedings...

My mom sends me cards for every holiday. She's usually pretty good about being on time. In fact, I don't think she's ever been late by more than a day! Which is pretty good considering it's my 4th year in college.

My mom is valentine's day card showed up in JANUARY!

I LOVE HER! I'm so glad this came early because I got to spend the previous 16 days in the company of this good man!

FALSE! included in my card was a gift card to Olive Garden with the condition: "Just don't take the guy on the front of this card"

So Lauren Johns and I had a lovely romantic dinner at Olive Garden this weekend...and by romantic I mean we sat at the bar because for being - as Joel McHale calls it - The worst thing to happen to Italian Americans since the Mafia and 'Jersey Shore', Olive Garden is PACKED on weekends!

We discussed our top reasons why it's awesome to be single on valentine's day...

(1) I get to the ENTIRE box of See's Candy my grandpa sent me. . .and this is the gift that keeps giving because now that i've successfully ingested 5,000 calories. . .odd are I'll be single this time next year.

(2) Instead of wondering for the 2 weeks leading up to Valentine's day, "Are we dating? Do i need to get him something for V-day?" I curled up with the thought of the man on my card...Mmmmm....STEAMY!!

(3) Since V-Day was on a Sunday this year...many people in Provo celebrated on Saturday...
I, however, wore sweats ALL DAY!

(4) I don't have to look at my boyfriend's swollen eyes as he looks at me on the verge of tears as I explain to him that I forgot valentine's day!

(5) I realized this year that sometimes when I'm talking to someone and there's a mirror behind their head...I watch myself talk...Or if I'm walking down the Tanner Building stairs...I look at my reflection in the little mirrored panels...Or if i'm window shopping....I'm really not looking in the window...I'm staring at my reflection. Sound familiar?

check out the story of Narcissus in case you forgot the story from Greek mythology.

Sure Narcissus was cursed to fall in love with his own reflection in the river...YEAH, he died there too.


So quite frankly, I think hanging out with myself on Valentine's day is the Shizz.

Long story VH1 would say, "I'm having the BEST WEEK EVER" because I spent it with girlfriends, the dude on my card, and quite honestly....myself :)