Saturday, March 20, 2010

Expansion-"Strategery" for every Successful Company

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

This week I won and Oscar

In honor of the Oscars...which I didn't watch by the way...I thought I would inform all of you that I won an Oscar this last week for this short film I did for one of my accounting class. We had problems the last 24 hours with youtube taking it down for my 'copyrighted soundtrack'....oops! but I changed some songs and hopefully this one stays the process it keeps putting the sound from the last scene out of sync...but after hours of editing I decided to let it go.

In our movie we discuss the benefits of outsourcing the internal audit function

(don't the 9:52 there is only about 30 seconds of educational material. the rest of it is chalk full of sheer cinematic excellence!)

This is probably the best movie I have ever made. My favorite part is when I beet up people in DI while wearing a wedding dress...or when Jon dresses up a dweeb...or maybe when Southcott tackles people in his Lacrosse gear.


(Be sure to rate it since we get a higher grade the more ratings we get!)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

My cardboard cut out is dating the cardboard cut out of Clark Gable in Hollywood Video...

Thanks to my confidence in giving dating advice, as expressed by previous posts, I have become somewhat of a 'dating guru', if you will. I don't know how to take first I was totally flattered and honored. But then I realized that recognition is only as valuable as the people giving it to you. While I do love all of you, my fellow blog followers, I am forced to ask the question, "Have you not realized that I am undeniably single?" This fact should discredit me from the start because this is, in essence, a situation commonly referred to as...

"The Blind leading the Blind"

But no worries my friends, I've decided that I should take my responsibility as 'love guru' about as seriously as you all take my blog posts dripping in sarcasm. That said I have no problem asserting my opinion as undeniable fact, and leading even more of you to years of loneliness.

Ok, So continuing on from my 2nd latest blog post, "Honey I'm on Holiday"....after improving your product offering, advertising becomes key. Apparently the rest of my fellow women's chorus council members thought this too when our conductor Sister Applonie said to me one day, "Now Maggie....we have a great idea for publicity...I personally love it...I think you will too...Well...actually....I don't might throw punches....but...We need...a Life-sized....cardboard cutout.... of the bookstore!"

Turns out they wanted to advertise our upcoming concert March 13th...not my dating life...but I knew both would happen and I love efficiency.

Here are some of Natalie and my favorite pictures we took that night.

We Finally settled on this one. . .(The black spot is where the poster is) We decided, demographically speaking, that 5'9'' was a better height for me so this is actually 2 inches shorter than me.

I have to admit, even though all of BYU now gets to check me out in my oh-so-stylish women's chorus uniform...I have developed a new favorite past-time called, "Let's walk through the bookstore and see how many weird looks I can get". It pretty much consists of me standing in an isle next to my cardboard cut out, smiling at people, and seeing how many people almost say hi to me or get really embarrassed like they should know me...but can't remember where we met...then realize they just saw 'me' four seconds and 15 feet ago.

In closing, our Women's Chorus concert is going to FABULOUS! and everyone should come...because it will change your life. one time while passing out fliers I saw a guy with a broken leg and Lauren said to me, "I'm gonna go up to that guy, hand him a flier and say, "This concert will HEAL YOUR LEG!"

While my cardboard cut out may not help me get a date (But then again, BYU guys are into girls in velvety sparkly tops these days)...I figured I owed it to those of you who actually listen to me to provide you with a fabulous date night. I know, I'm so selfless :)

If your single...bring a date, and the girl will look at you at the end of the night and say, 'Ooo You're so classy taking me to a Women's Chorus concert!" and if she doesn't? Problem solved! you just witnessed 180 girls...serenading...YOU!

If you're married...why not surprise your wife with, "Two tickets to that thing she loves!" (Though I can't promise the tickets will turn into diamonds)

-See you there my friends!

Buy tickets:

BYU Women's Chorus from BYUarts on Vimeo.