Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Liabilities + Equity = Lamour!

This semester has been the busiest semester of all my college years. Not because it was particularly packed...but because my goals for the semester increased. This semester I spent probably half of my weekend nights in the MAcc lounge on the third floor of the tanner building studying accounting concepts. However, I realized one small hitch in my plan this last month, that finally came to fruition today. Allow me to explain...

After choir on Fridays, the back row alto I section (Holli, Lindy, and Lauren) and I would go to the BYU bookstore and get fudge. I realized a few Fridays ago that something in me changed when upon taking my first bite of fudge (that week) I exclaimed, "And then I realized, with enough money and fudge I'll never need a man!"

I felt so enormously independent. It was a fabulous feeling! Instead of feeling excited to see a new love interest, I couldn't wait to see New York again. Instead of basking in the adoration of a boyfriend, I was glorying in the new earned respect I'd received from my male co-eds of the business school, and despite being undeniably single...I quite frankly had grown so accustom to spending time with my text books...that my initial contentedness in my own solitude blossomed into a deeper love for how little my text books ever talked back to me/was late for dates/started fights/WHAT HAVE YOU!

...I also found that I LOVED Star Wars and playing World of Warcraft...JUST KIDDING, I already knew I loved Star Wars...

I felt like Renee Zellweger in "Down with Love" when she publishes a book telling women to be 'Down with Love', to take control of their lives, and most of all...replace the need for a man with eating chocolate. Hmmm...I had done just this and this was a done deal!
Reveling in my new found independence, I felt unstoppable...until the unthinkable happened! I realized I was in love...

.....With ACCOUNTING!!

Upon leaving class today (the last day of classes before finals) I had this weird sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. I thought, "Oh no mags, you don't need to feel like that THIS time...While you may have had a breakup the LAST THREE sets of winter semester finals...You don't have a boyfriend, so you couldn't possibly...." But I was! I was going through a break up!

In the last two weeks, as school has been wrapping up, I have found myself doing uncustomary things. I watched, "An Affair to remember", "Casablanca", "Pride & Prejudice" (1940's version), "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days", and I was thoroughly disappointed when I couldn't locate "Sleepless in Seattle" the other day. I think my consumption of ice cream increased, and if there was a can of whip cream in my fridge I probably would have gladly squirted it all into my mouth and set it down next to the Kleenex box as I lay there on the couch. Most telling of all is probably this...I wore SCRUBS yesterday! Ok I wore a hoody to bed...but for those 2 hours before I fell asleep I felt as if I'd truly let myself go.

...Maybe if I date enough this summer I can convince myself I don't need accounting?

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