Wednesday, September 29, 2010

does BYU have a crew team?

So this fall I made BYUSingers, and I'm SUPER JAZZED! However, I recognize I have a lot to work on so I have recently taken up voice lessons with my old voice teacher from a few years ago. She has recently moved so she gave me her new address. When I went to googlemaps to get directions to her house, I put the starting location as BYU. Well Googlemaps decided that meant BYU Hawaii, not Provo...and NO lie this is what it returned to me for directions!

In case you didn't quite catch it is again...up close

Thank you googlemaps for making my day! Maybe when I'm filthy rich and successful with a consulting job I can take whatever conundrum i'm faced with and approach it the same way as the googlemaps employee who solved this brain buster....with dry sarcasm and a tinge of incredulity regarding the question asked.

If a client asks me how to turn their company around so its profitable again I can say something like "Well, you can start by giving your self a raise and a big bowl of candy!....Actually though, you should probably just fire yourself" and when they look at me in a puzzled fashion I can say, "Seriously? you don't see the main problem?...time to resign brother"

Thanks Googlemaps employee for your refreshing bout of sarcasm.
Conclusion: don't try to figuratively cross the Pacific in an automobile...even technology will laugh at you.


  1. I have been driving a wheel chair around all day for my inclusive recreation class. I feel like my arms have gotten strong enough that I could kayak to Hawaii....

  2. Kayak?! That made my day!:)

    p.s. I miss you!